Our History

Discover the origins of AQUOTIX. Using all new materials, the showroom was built from scratch, by hand, by the owners themselves.

Initial shop space

With over 600 square metres of floor area, the scene was set for a showroom complete with full functioning state of the art aqua displays along side professional quarantine and manufacturing facilities all under the same roof.


Display stands construction

All the aquarium display stands were welded, sand blasted and powder coated for strength and duribilty. These finished frames would then accomodate the aquariums in quarantine, tropical and cold water fish displays, throughout the showroom.

Aquariums Construction

Professionally manufactured aquariums using the best materials. The same expert knowledge and integrity is supplied in the manufacture of your new aquarium tanks made by AQUOTIX staff.

Quarantine construction.
AQIS approved systems

With the importation of fish from overseas and our own internal breeding progams, Quarantine is vital to the integrity of the high calibre of fish stock in all the AQUOTIX systems and thus quality is assured for all our clientele both local and interstate.

Pond & cold water displays

Outdoor pond and cold water/gold fish displays are fully functional and show a complete array of fresh water species and system set-up concepts. In addition are displays for Bio-filtration, plant life, outdoor pond lighting and a comprehensive range of accessories to cater all your needs.

Tropical display room

This section constructed to display a comprehensive range of warm water species. Positioned in a controlled temperature environment and managed by a highly complex filtration and treatment system independent to each other and the rest of the AQUOTIX surrounding systems.