Following is a small collection of just a few of the Aquariums Aquotix have setup in the recent time.
As we collect more photos of more Aquariums, we will add to this collection.

Picture 001

Picture 002

There is not limit to size – only to the space available and the bottom line.
This one is yet to be clad to fit in with the nearby kitchen cabinetry:
Picture 003

Aquotix Aquariums designed and built every aspect of this job – Stand, Glass and Cabinetry:

Nursing Homes – with simple servicing methods:

We Import the Exclusive AquaRealm Fibreglass Backgrounds and we can install them as we build custom Aqauriums:

There is always an easier way to load larger tanks, then pack them up for delivery to the country:
Picture 004

And we always find a way of getting the job done:

We liaise with Builders, Cabinet Makers and Other Trades to help produce these end results:

We Design and Install Shop Fittings for Retail Sale of Aquarium Fish:
Picture 009

And Restaurants too:
Chilli 1
Chilli 2
Chilli 3

And Winery Cellar Doors:
Fishbone Winery

And Shop Fittings for the Sale of other Products like Cameras:
This was our First Modification of an Existing Cabinet with a Bubble Wall with Changing LED lighting:
Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007

We can do the Weird and the Artistic: What does one do in a wide entry hall with a small alcove?  First the “Hole”…Overhang 1

Then the “SOLUTION” (Skirting still needs painting)Overhang 2

Overhang 3

The “END RESULT” – view from the Entry Door – more photos to come as the plants settle in…..
Aquotix Aquariums designed and built every aspect of this job – Stand, Glass and Cabinetry.

Overhang 4