AQUOTIX has an extensive collection of live plants, whether you are a beginner or a budding aqua-scaper we have what you need to create that underwater garden of your dreams. See our Live plants care sheet.  Due to plant stocks changing daily please call us on (08) 9455 1411 for current availability.

Some current stocklists of the more unusual varieties include:

Red and Green Tiger Lotus

Anubius nana

Anubias congensis

Narrow Leaf Java Fern

Crested Java Fern

Tropica Java Fern

Eichornia azurea

Hygrophilla pinnatifida

Crypt cordata

Red Rotala


Needle Leaf Chain Sword


Narrowleaf Hygrophilla


Aponogeton undulatus

Ludwigia arcuata

Updated 25-05-12


-Many more plants available in-store-